KOHRAC: Accreditation


Accreditation with KOHRAC accomplishes the following specific functions.

• To provide course curriculum available for Higher Education which can be used directly or act as a template for a particular culture.

• To provide measurement tools for Indigenous instructors which work appropriately with the Way of Knowing.

• To provide testing methods which accurately portray the level of achievement of individual participants.

• To provide a means of critiquing and certifying existing education programs and institutions in Indigenous and Sovereign cultures.

• Assists members to examine cultural educational goals, operations and achievements with a current view to saving and preserving ancient ways while preparing Indigenous Peoples to thrive in today’s world stage.

• KOHRAC incorporates an external, supplemental, review team to ensure compliance with existing higher education standards as well as Indigenous higher education standards as apply to the Indigenous Way of Knowing and ancient culture practices.

• KOHRAC encourages global recognition of the Indigenous Way of Knowing as standing equal with Western education.

• KOHRAC provides a forum for members to discuss global issues related to Indigenous cultures.

KOHRAC provides expertise, guidance and influence through its Advisory Board of global indigenous and sovereign expertise.


1. Membership application is received and reviewed. Upon acceptance, membership fees are due.

2. After acceptance, the member Nation or institution may submit curriculum for review, participate in use of existing curriculum, and access the Board of Global Indigenous Experts, Advisory Board of global indigenous and sovereign expertise, as well as any other member services.

3. Ongoing Quality Assurance Review by KOHRAC certified experts to assess effectiveness of the blend of the Way of Knowing education and the Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate traditional Western methods.

4. On-site review capability is required; however, due to pandemic restrictions, review may be done remotely.

5. KOHRAC accreditation shall be publicly displayed on this website once received. KOHRAC provides verification in this way so that the public and other accreditation institutions shall be aware of the standards and compliance achieved by our members.